Bathroom colors: neutral, bright or bold

Posted by Anthony Giangrossi on Feb 24, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Homeowners ask me quite a bit to recommend a room in the house to explore with color. Typically I suggest a bathroom as it can be a fun place to add a splash of color. Typically they are small spaces that you can personalize where choosing bright or bold colors can be a fun idea. If you happen to not like the color you chose it's easy enough to repaint the space with a neutral color.  Below are three article once again from the wonderful contributors at Houzz on how to use bold, bright and neutral colors in a bathroom.

The first link is how to use bold colors in a bathroom. My favorite is Benjamin Moore Day Spa:


The second link is how to use bright colors (yellows) in a bathroom to add a splash of color. I love the idea of the yellow cabinets and painting the interior of the drawers yellow:


If you can't draw yourself to add a bold or bright color to your bathroom the below link is on how to use neutral colors (white) in different ways in the bathroom. I like the textured pattern on the walls.


Hopefully our friends at Houzz were able to help you move outside your comfort zone and add a splash of color to your bathroom. If not then provide some different ideas on how in incorporate white.

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