Exterior and interior decorating with spring colors

Posted by Anthony Giangrossi on Mar 30, 2016 3:00:00 PM

With spring in the air (I think) as of March 20th it's time to start thinking about getting the interior and exterior of your home ready for spring (warmer...I hope) weather. Once again from our wonderful friends and contributors at Houzz I will provide you with articles to get your home ready for another spring season.


The first article is a exterior home checklist to perk up the house after another long winter season.


After the exterior of the home has been cleaned up it's time to add some color to spruce up the look of the house. Below is an article with four great ideas on how to add some color.


Now that we have addressed the exterior of the home let's focus on the interior with some spring colors and overall decorating ideas. The first article has some great ideas on how to incorporate pastel paint colors and decorating ideas.


This article has some fun ideas of how to add punch of green to your bathroom.


Finally, if you are looking for some fun, green tropical ideas for you walls other than paint this article has some interesting wallpaper ideas.


Overall a lot of different ideas on how to ready your home after winter and for what is hopefully another beautiful spring season.

Below is our exterior guide to help you hire the correct professional painting contractor for your exterior painting projects.

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