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Fun color & design ideas for your living room, bathroom, laundry room & kitchen cabinets

Posted by Anthony Giangrossi on Apr 27, 2016 3:00:00 PM

As you all know I like to share the great design idea articles from our friends at Houzz. Well this blog has some great ideas on how to add color to your living room, bathroom, laundry room and kitchen cabinets through design, paint, tile and accessories.

The first article provides some great design, paint and accessory ideas on how to add blue to your living room:



I have posted many articles regarding how to add a splash of color to your bathroom. This article provides nine blue color ideas through paint, cabinets and tile.


 This next article is fun on how to add color to your laundry room through wall coverings, paint, cabinets and tile. Who would have thought to make the laundry room a fun space? Well Houzz sure did.


The final article provides some design ideas to change the look of your kitchen cabinets through paint.


I hope you got some great design ideas on how to change your living spaces through all of the different design ideas provided in the articles. I think it's really important to always remember a space can be transformed through color without having to completely alter the space.

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