How to choose colors for your interior painting project

Posted by Anthony Giangrossi on Feb 10, 2016 3:00:00 PM

There are many aspects a homeowner needs to consider when hiring a professional painting contractor for their interior painting project. There are too many aspects to list them all in this post. They are all noted in my interior guideline that can be read by clicking on the guide button below. What is not listed in the guideline is the color consultation / selection process. During my initial meeting with a homeowner the number one concern I hear is how difficult and stressful it is to choose the correct colors to complement the current furniture, accessories, flooring, rugs, pictures. etc. Also, if only select rooms are being painted those new colors need to complement the existing colors of the house.


After working through the color consultation process for many years with homeowners I have take their feedback and developed a very simple way to choose the correct colors for one room or the entire house. Below is the order I follow during the color selection process to help a homeowner choose the colors for their interior project.

1. Determine the style you are trying to achieve in your home. Contemporary, traditional, modern, country French, etc.

2. Choose one paint manufacture (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, C2, etc). There are hundreds to choose from which leads to tens of thousands of colors. By choosing one type of paint manufacture this will immediately narrow down the colors by thousands.

3. Once the paint manufacture is selected the next step is to narrow down the color choices within that product. Most paint manufactures have multiple color charts that consist of thousands of colors. Knowing the style of the home allows me to choose one color chart which narrows down the colors from thousands to hundreds.

4. Choose a color family for each room. Gray, beige, blue, white, etc... Once I know what color family the homeowner prefers this allows me to start making some specific color suggestions. Now we're down to less than a hundred colors in that specific color chart.

5. Narrow down the specific colors for each room to 2-3.

6. Purchase samples of the specific colors for each room and apply to the walls.

7. Have a conversation with the homeowner to get their feedback on the colors. Then choose the correct color for each room and get ready to transform your home with the new colors.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the color consultation process.

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